Blueberry Hill Level H/13&14 Collection

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The Blueberry Hill leveled fiction, nonfiction and informational narratives were carefully designed to enhance a child's strategic thinking and comprehension skills.

Overview: The fiction books at this level contain three story strands with recurring characters that inhabit stories filled with humour and excitement! The nonfiction and informational narrative books at this level introduce factual information and nonfiction text features in an engaging format.



Overview: The fiction books at this level contain three story strands with the recurring characters: Fluffy & Charlie, The Beaver Family & Forest Friends, and Chompy & Iggy.

The four nonfiction books at this level (Creature Features - Books Thirteen & Fourteen, Mystery Animal - Books Four & Five, The Life Cycle of a Snake) contain the same format, giving the reader a structure that scaffolds the introduction of new vocabulary and language structures.

Titles - Level H/13: Fluffy & Charlie Go Camping, The Competition, The Tooth Hairy, Chompy       

             is Beautiful, Guess the Mystery Animal - Book Four, Creature Features - Book

             Thirteen, The Life Cycle of a Snake

             Level H/14: Bedtime for Charlie, Fluffy and Charlie Visit Granny, A Jungle Gym for

             Monkey, Beaver School, Guess the Mystery Animal - Book Five, Creature Features –

             Book Fourteen, Peacock or Peahen? - The Life Cycle of Peafowl
Page Count: 16

Topics: Friendship, Family, Recurring Characters, Animal Attributes, Life Cycles
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Informational Narrative
Graphics Type: Photographs (11 titles), Illustrations (3 titles)
On RRCNA booklist: Yes (12/14 titles)

Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™: H (12/14 titles)

                                                                 I (2 nonfiction titles)

Note: The majority of the time, the Blueberry Hill levels align with the Reading Recovery levels/Fountas & Pinnell text level gradients. When they don’t, careful consideration is given to the words, sentence length and language structures before a decision is made to keep the Blueberry Hill level the same.
ISBN #: 978-1-77387-069-4

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