Welcome to Blueberry Hill

The Blueberry Hill leveled storybooks are used in guided reading instruction and Early Intervention Programs to encourage the development of reading strategies! The storybooks are unique among leveled books because of their emphasis on character development and comprehension. Children get to know and love the recurring characters as they meet them in each new story, on up through the levels. Teachers choose Blueberry Hill Books because they work! Children choose them because they are fun to read!

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your books with the young readers I support. Every time we read together, it becomes more evident to me that you devote great time and attention to the way the books are written and illustrated. There are little added “tricks” and supports that can only come from someone who works on a daily basis with beginning readers.

"Large publishing companies produce similar products, but yours are a step above because the issues that young readers face are anticipated and supported in the content and form of the books. I just love them, and so do the kids!"

- Karen Hiscott K-3 Learning Support Teacher

"The more I look at your books, the more I like them. They have intriguing titles and interesting topics. The story plots are funny and loving. The pictures are awesome. There is bold print and the spacing is good. I appreciate how the books are leveled and the words are counted already! I love having an introduction printed on the inside of the front cover. The “mini-sequel” on the back cover adds lots of interest. I am singing your praises… and not just because you gave me some terrific books. Keep up the great work!"

- Theresa Symancyk

"I work as a teacher half-time, and a resource teacher half-time, and I have experienced success with the Blueberry Hill Books program with five students now. They were all non-reading students with a cognitive disability, and they are now reading fluently.

"Our Student Services Coordinator is aware of the success that I have had with the program, and has asked me to speak about this program at our next Resource Teacher meeting.

"I love speaking about this program because it has been a fabulous experience for me, as well as the students, watching them go from being non-readers, to reading fluently and confidently."

- Deb McCallum