About Us

Blueberry Hill Books

Blueberry Hill Books was founded in the summer of 2004 with the purpose of creating leveled books for guided reading instruction. New titles are currently under production. Blueberry Hill is a real place and the location of several of the Fluffy and Charlie storybooks. The forest covered hill is sprinkled with blueberries every July. Fluffy likes to eat the blueberries right off the blueberry plants.

The Blueberry Hill catalogue of books presently contains:

  • 120 English titles (levels A/1 to L/20)
  • "What Does a Scientist Look Like?" (level N/30)
  • 20 Spanish titles (levels A/1 to E/8)
  • five teacher's resource guides

Pat Harrison is the main author and sometimes illustrator of the Blueberry Hill storybooks. She has taught at all elementary levels during the past 25 years, including grade one and a full day kindergarten. She has been a grade one reading specialist for the past nine years. She enjoys working with classroom teachers to help create guided reading programs that ensure success for every student. Pat has conducted inservices on how to make guided reading and literacy centers work in the classroom at divisional, provincial and national conferences.

About the Illustrators
Pat Harrison created the books containing plasticine illustrations and all the books containing photographs.
David Macri illustrated the Bear and Monkey books.
Allison Nicolas illustrated the Billy Goat book.
Judith Panson illustrated the Beaver Family books as well as the Farm Animal books.
M Wheeler illustrated the Magic books.
Valerie Romanow illustrated the Best Friends books.

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your books with the young readers I support. Every time we read together, it becomes more evident to me that you devote great time and attention to the way the books are written and illustrated. There are little added tricks and supports that can only come from someone who works on a daily basis with beginning readers.

Large publishing companies produce similar products, but yours are a step above because the issues that young readers face are anticipated and supported in the content and form of the books. I just love them and so do the kids!

Thanks again,

Karen Hisscott
K-3 Learning Support Teacher
Winnipeg, Manitoba