Blueberry Hill Level C/3&4 Collection

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The Blueberry Hill leveled fiction, nonfiction and informational narratives were carefully designed to enhance a child's strategic thinking and comprehension skills.

Overview: Simple stories begin at Level C/3&4.  The Level A1 & B/2 vocabulary and language structures are the basis for more complexity ensuring success for the emergent reader!



Level C/3&4 Collection: 26 titles                                                 

Overview: Twenty-one new sight words are introduced in stories where the illustrations clearly support the text. The emergent reader enjoys meeting recurring characters such as Bear & Monkey, Fluffy & Charlie and Super Hammy. The nonfiction books at this level (Creature Features - Books One & Two, Giant Panda Cub, The Puppy Book) contain the same format, giving the early reader a structure that scaffolds the introduction of new vocabulary and language structures.

Titles - Level C/3: Billy Goat, Bear and Monkey, Spilt Milk, Beaver Eats and Eats,

            The Storm, Crash!, Basketball, Hoop Dancer, Hockey Dog, Who Has the Big Bone?,

            Creature Features - Book One, Giant Panda Cub, Super Hammy Helps Little Mouse,

            Super Hammy Goes for a Drive, Super Hammy Makes a Snowman, Super Hammy

            Saves the Cheese, Super Hammy Saves Little Mouse

           - Level C/4: 1, 2, 3, Eggs, Charlie Goes to the Vet, The Castle Catastrophe,

             The Magic Book, The Beaver Family’s Surprise, Where is the Red Car?,

             Lost in the Forest, Creature Features - Book Two, The Puppy Book     
Page Count: 16 (25 titles), 17 (1 title)

Topics: Friendship, Family, Sports, Recurring Characters, Animal Attributes
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Informational Narrative
Graphics Type: Photographs (9 titles), Illustrations (17 titles)
On RRCNA booklist: Yes (24/26 titles)

Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™:  C (22/26 titles)

                                                                  B (Billy Goat, Creature Features – Book One)

                                                                  D (The Beaver Family’s Surprise)

                                                                  E (The Storm)

Note: The Blueberry Hill levels align with the Reading Recovery levels/Fountas & Pinnell text level gradients the majority of the time. When they don’t, careful consideration is given to the words, sentence length and language structures before a decision is made to keep the Blueberry Hill level the same.
ISBN #: 978-1-77387-064-9

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