Beaver Eats and Eats - Level C/3

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Beaver eats bark and leaves almost nonstop in this beautifully illustrated book.

Cat # C3.4

Beaver Eats and Eats  -----------------------new edition with photographs
Blueberry Hill Level: C / 3
Author: Pat Harrison
Page Count: 16
Word Count: 51 + 2 (photos)
Topic: This is a book about what a baby beaver eats.
Genre: Nonfiction
Graphics Type: Photographs
On RRCNA booklist: Yes
Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™: C
ISBN #: 978-1-897183-22-9  

Overview: Do you know what a beaver eats? You will find out in this book. Did you know a beaver has orange teeth? Its teeth never stop growing!  It is always chewing so its teeth never get too long. 

Read this book to see what a beaver eats.

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