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A Sample Routine for Emergent Readers
The materials and activities provided here are geared toward emergent readers at a grade one level, but many of them would be appropriate for children in kindergarten and grade two as well

What's the plan?
You have to know where you are going if you’re ever going to get there!
Select research-based goals/strategies for a two-week block, and then break them down into daily segments. See pg. 33 in the Level 1, 2, 3 Guidebook for a list of early reading strategies. The blockplan (pg. 56 – 67) provides a suggested progression, but you will need to adapt the instruction based on the needs of your students.

Research indicates that the necessary components of a successful literacy program are:

1. The explicit teaching of strategies as a main focus during guided reading, shared reading, partner reading, read-alouds, independent reading and writing activities.
2. Phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.
3. The development of a sight vocabulary
4. Vocabulary development
5. Writing instruction
6. Assessment-based instruction

Check out a Sample Daily Routine for Literary Instruction here.

Additional Resources
Blueberry Hill Magic Rimes Cards – download here.
Cracking the Literacy Code Letter Cards – download here.
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I Am Little


I Am Big


Insy Winsy Spider




Reading Strategies


Reading Strategies


Poetry Book Cover

book cover

Monster Game