I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your books with the young readers I support. Every time we read together, it becomes more evident to me that you devote great time and attention to the way the books are written and illustrated. There are little added "tricks" and supports that can only come from someone who works on a daily basis with beginning readers.

Large publishing companies produce similar products, but yours are a step above because the issues that young readers face are anticipated and supported in the content and form of the books. I just love them, and so do the kids!

- Karen Hiscott
K-3 Learning Support Teacher

The more I look at your books, the more I like them. They have intriguing titles and interesting topics. The story plots are funny and loving. The pictures are awesome. There is bold print and the spacing is good. I appreciate how the books are leveled and the words are counted already! I love having an introduction printed on the inside of the front cover. The "mini-sequel" on the back cover adds lots of interest. I am singing your praises… and not just because you gave me some terrific books. Keep up the great work!

- Theresa Symancyk

I work as a teacher half-time, and a resource teacher half-time, and I have experienced success with the Blueberry Hill Books program with five students now. They were all non-reading students with a cognitive disability, and they are now reading fluently.

Our Student Services Coordinator is aware of the success that I have had with the program, and has asked me to speak about this program at our next Resource Teacher meeting.

I love speaking about this program because it has been a fabulous experience for me, as well as the students, watching them go from being non-readers, to reading fluently and confidently.

- Deb McCallum

I wanted to send you a little note to let you know what a hit the BLUEBERRY HILL paperbacks are. They are always out, and customers are asking if there are any new ones coming out soon. I even have one child in my story time group who is making his own version of the book, with his family in it.

- Alex

I am a Reading Recovery teacher and just recently met you at the last Reading Recovery conference in Ohio. I was able to purchase a handful of Fluffy and Charlie books and I was so excited to share them with my Reading Recovery students! They have absolutely fallen in love with your two dogs and it is so fun for me to be able to tell them a little about your family's story.

I have one student that begs me for a new Fluffy and Charlie story everyday and she has almost read all of the books I got in Ohio! Her laughter is SO contagious when she is reading these stories! We are actually working on writing our own Fluffy and Charlie story now.

Thank you so much for sharing your darling dogs with us and we hope to continue adding to our collection of Fluffy and Charlie stories!

- Angela Bodurtha

I just wanted to let you know my Fluffy and Charlie books arrived a few weeks ago, and my Reading Recovery students are LOVING the stories! One of my little girls said, "I wonder who writes these books. I'd like to shake their hand." The children love the characters, the humor, and the themes. Thanks for the extra Reading Recovery touches – the level, word count, story summaries, and identification of the the ‘tricky part'.

- JoAnn Harris
Reading Recovery Teacher

Thanks for writing such lovely stories and putting so much effort into your books. I love the book orientation, the possible tricky words, and the quick comprehension check on the back. And of course the Fluffy and Charlie books are loved by the kids just as much as they are loved by me.

- Janet Entwisle
Reading RecoveryTeacher Leader & Site Coordinator

Thank you for writing these books! My son (6) comes across all sorts of leveled readers at school but Fluffy and Charlie are far and away his favorites. Please write more!

- Jennifer Crozier

I just wanted to share with you how much our 8 year old son – Kael – enjoys the Fluffy and Charlie books. Kael really doesn't like doing his home reading, but on the days he's able to bring home a Fluffy and Charlie book, we read it at least 3 times. We often discuss what we think Fluffy and Charlie will do next and what great pets they must be. THANK YOU for writing books children actually like to read.

- Lesley Proctor

My students are loving these books. I appreciate how they build on each other (vocabulary is repeated from one level to the other) and how there are a series of books. They particularly love Charlie and Fluffy!

- Glenna Regier
Special Education Resource Teacher

Jared is one of my Reading Recovery students. He LOVES Charlie and Fluffy books but he is particularly fond of Fluffy. After reading A Surprise for Charlie the other day, he wanted Fluffy to have a surprise party, too.

All my students have enjoyed Charlie and Fluffy books but they helped Jared in a special way. We have talked and laughed and bonded together over Charlie and Fluffy's adventures. Thank you so much for these engaging books!

- Ellen Reiling
Teacher Leader

You have helped me to motivate so many children to read. All of my students (and me, too) love your stories, but I'm particularly grateful for the motivating effect they have on my "reluctant readers."

Charlie and Fluffy books make children happy and makes them feel excited about reading! That makes teachers happy too!

- Cathy Collins
Reading Recovery Teacher

In January I attended the Reading Recovery Conference held in Chicago, IL. I had a wonderful conversation with Pat Harrison about many of the books she has written. She was so helpful and informative. As a result, my teammates and I ordered several sets of Charlie and Fluffy books. We received the sets two weeks ago and have used them with our Reading Recovery and Reading group students. I wanted to let Pat know how much the students are enjoying the books and how wonderful it is to have a new (new to us!) publisher from whom to order new books. The content, themes, and illustrations are outstanding. The humor in the books is enjoyed and understood by our students. As teachers we appreciate the inside cover information: theme, introduction, tricky parts, word work information and the inside back cover: comprehension strategy notes and questions. Even the outside back cover often has a humorous comment to cap the story!!!! Thank you for the excellent work you have done, Pat, in writing these books for our students and for us as teachers! We look forward to ordering more of your books next year!

- Sharon Reed

We would like to thank you for the lovely books which we ordered from you. The children at Crosshall Infant School are really enjoying reading them. They are inspired by the stories and thoroughly enjoy the characters in the stories. Firm favorites are Fluffy and Charlie.

Thank you again for these books which truly inspire the children of all abilities to want to read.

- Sue Hook