Blueberry Hill Level K/19 Collection

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The Blueberry Hill leveled fiction, nonfiction and informational narratives were carefully designed to enhance a child's strategic thinking and comprehension skills.

Overview: The fiction books at this level contain two story strands with the recurring characters: Fluffy & Charlie, and Baby. The nonfiction text features include: A Table of Contents, Labels, Key Words, a Diagram, and a Glossary.



Overview: Children enjoy seeing their old friends Fluffy and Charlie in six books at this level. The Baby story strand continues at Level K/19 when Baby meets up with Fluffy & Charlie in Charlie's Adventures in Babysitting. The three nonfiction book at this level (Guess the Mystery Animal - Book Ten, The Life Cycle of a Horse, The Great White Egret) contain the same format as in previous levels, giving the reader a structure that scaffolds the introduction of new vocabulary and language structures.

Titles - Level K/19: Too Much Noise, Fluffy & Charlie Visit Tango, Mrs. Bling Bling & the Watchdogs, Copydog, Can Fluffy Find Her Prince?, Charlie’s Adventures in Babysitting, Guess the Mystery Animal - Book Ten, The Life Cycle of a Horse, The Great White Egret

Page Count: 16 (2 title), 20 (7 titles)

Topics: Friendship, Family, Recurring Characters, Fractured Folk Tales, Animal Attributes
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Informational Narrative
Graphics Type: Photographs
On RRCNA booklist: Yes (6/9 titles)

Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™: K (9/9 titles)

ISBN #: 978-1-77387-072-4

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