Blueberry Hill Level B/2 Collection

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The Blueberry Hill leveled fiction, nonfiction and informational narratives were carefully designed to enhance a child's strategic thinking and comprehension skills.

Overview: The Level B/2 books contain two lines of text. The level A/1 sight words and language structures are repeated and 19 new sight words in more complex language structures are introduced. The text is closely linked to the photographs and illustrations. The themes include basic concepts such as numbers, shapes, rhyme, and body parts.



Level B/2 Collection: 16 titles                                                 

Overview: The Level B/2 pattern stories facilitate the use of one-to-one match over two lines of text. They create a solid base of literacy skills and strategies, as well as basic concepts. While a necessary step for all beginning readers, this is especially helpful for English Language Learners and at-risk students.

Titles: The Zoo, Dogs in Disguise, Hide & Seek Shapes, It's a Sleepover, It’s Time to Rhyme, Creations, Mom, Can I Get This One?, The Monster Show, Fluffy is Little, Charlie is Big, Baby Lemur, Super Hammy and the Big Fish, Super Hammy is Cooking, Super Hammy Washes His Clothes, Super Hammy and the Little Mouse Go, Super Hammy’s Halloween
Page Count: 16

Topics: Basic Concepts, Language Structures, Vocabulary, Recurring Characters
Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Informational Narrative
Graphics Type: Photographs, Illustrations, Plasticine Illustrations (two titles)
On RRCNA booklist: Yes (15/16 titles)

Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™: B (15 titles)

                                                                 C (Mom, Can I Get This One?)

Note: The question format caused one book to test higher than the Blueberry Hill level. The use of the question format was intentional, so the Blueberry Hill level was not altered to match the Fountas & Pinnell level.
ISBN #: 978-1-77387-063-2


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