A Tale of Two Puppies - Levels C/4 to H/12 - 10 titles

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We are excited to introduce the next installment in the ‘A Tale of Two Puppies’ collection! Lonesome Charlie is also a ‘Fluffy and Charlie’ book!

The little puppy and big puppy are lost in the forest, but at least they have each other! They help each other through one adventure after another until they end up in Fluffy and Charlie's backyard. Fluffy and Charlie help the puppies find their families, but once they do Charlie is very lonely! Don’t worry, this sad story has a happy ending! More books in this series are currently under production!

A Tale of Two Puppies Collection – Levels C/4 to G/12: 10 titles with 1 new just added!

Titles: Lost in the Forest, Danger in the Forest, A Path in the Forest, Charlie's Autumn Day Disaster, Charlie's Search for the Lost Puppies, Finders Keepers, Lost and Found, The Secret, The Big Puppy Finds a Home, New Title: Lonesome Charlie

Blueberry Hill Levels: C/4 – G/12
Page Count: 16
Topics: Friendship, Family, Recurring Characters
Genre: Fiction
Graphics Type: Photographs
On RRCNA booklist: Yes (4 titles)
Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™:
C to G

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