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Can Fluffy Find Her Prince?

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Can Fluffy Find Her Prince?

Level 19

One day when Fluffy and Charlie are reading their newspaper, The Daily Growl, they see a story about a prince. Fluffy is very excited to learn there are real princes! She decides to go on a quest to look for a prince of her very own. If you have read The Aliens Have Landed you will know that the aliens named Fluffy and Charlie queen and king of planet Earth. It only makes sense that Fluffy would want to find a prince for their royal family!

Level: 20 / K / Orange 
Author: Pat Harrison
Page Count: 20
Word Count: 422
Characters: Fluffy & Charlie
Genre: Fiction
Graphics Type: Photographs
On RRCNA booklist: Yes
Accelerated Reader Quiz Available: Yes
ISBN #: 978-1-926728-92-6

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